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After his involvement in the design and production of a number of successful video games (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1, 2, 3), Steve Ince turns his hand towards creating a memorable set of loveable characters in this, his first collection of comic strips. Led by the daringly cool Scout the One-Eyed Cat, the strips give you a unique glimpse into the lives of those who live in the quiet cul-de-sac that is Juniper Crescent.

And if that weren't enough, an exciting turn of events thrusts Scout and his friends into danger and intrigue as they set out on the trail of The Sapphire Claw.

 "While I prefer the epic feel of SC [The Sapphire Claw], Juniper Crescent never fails to entertain!"

- David Gallaher, writer, Johnny Dollar

"Telling a gag in two or three panels is a real skill, but I reckon Ince has just about got it mastered."

- Regie Rigby, Silver Bullet Comic Books.



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