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All of the games I've worked on have been during my ten years with Revolution Software.

Beneath a Steel Sky
Classed as a Cyberpunk Adventure and set in a future, post-apocalyptic world, this game met with rave reviews with both it's PC and Amiga versions. It won a game of the year award as well as a best dialogue award.
I cut my teeth on this game and learned many of the skills of palette manipulation and pixel-pushing that are still extremely useful today when developing for the GameBoy Advance.
I contributed to the background sprite animations as well as painting a couple of the backgrounds themselves.

Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars
Although it was published two years after BASS, this was actually the first project I worked on for Revolution, doing some initial location sketches before moving over to help the workload on BASS. In many ways my time at Revolution has centred around the Broken Sword games, on and off, for just about the whole time here. Even now I'm working on the design of the third title in the series.

Broken Sword was seen by many as quite a landmark in the adventure genre. Not only was there challenging gameplay, but it also had a visual style that was unique and which perfectly complemented the rich storytelling and wealth of interesting characters.
Half way through this project I was promoted to the position of Producer because of the way I was able to see the big picture and my ability to turn my hand to such a variety of tasks that the position required.
The breadth of the game offered us all a truly great challenge that I feel we met superbly.

Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror
The follow-up to the first Broken Sword game, we managed to complete this and release it a year after the first. Although not as complex in plot and gameplay as the first, there were a number of new features and the story-telling aspect was much stronger. The playstation version was optimised much more efficiently and the loading times between screens was drastically reduced.
We created in the order of 2400 individual animation files for this game which added up to over 40,000 frames of animation.

In Cold Blood
Revolution's first venture into the Action/Adventure genre. This was a sprawling game with a great variety of gameplay.
The first game that I took a strong hand in the design and implementation
 of and also wrote some of the dialogue for. I also worked with theatre director Ed Hall on the recording of the English dialogue.

Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado
Based upon the film by Dreamworks, we designed and implemented this game in the space of nine months and everyone who helped bring it in on time did a wonderful job, particularly as it followed directly on from ICB without a break.

Broken Sword on the GameBoy Advance
Now the challenge was to bring the original gameplay to the GameBoy Advance and again we have met the new challenge - and in many ways have gone beyond it.
The game has been released to great critical acclaim.

Broken Sword 2 on the GameBoy Advance
We made some interface changes for this one as they reflected some subtle changes we made in the originals. This strengthens the powerful direct control interface and shows that adventures can be made for multiple platforms. This is still awaiting a publisher.

Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon
This is Revolution's next big project and I am heavily involved in the design at the moment. We have the story completed and have fleshing out the section designs. We are now well on the way to implementing the whole game. Release is intended for Christmas 2003. 



Beamrider - an old C64 game that had me playing well into the early hours for many a night.

The Staff of Karnath - C64 again. I was amazed by the wonderful sprites in this game.

Final Fantasy 6 - barring the graphics, this game is every bit as good as FF7.

Final Fantasy 7 - This is what the Playstation was meant to do (well, this and Broken Sword).

Final Fantasy 9 - Richer characters and a stronger story make this a better outing than FF7.

Day of the Tentacle - An excellent game on all levels.

Doom - What a landmark

Hexen - I was amazed by the variety of gameplay and level layouts in this game.

Heretic - Sweating buckets all the way through this one.

Dark Forces - Star Wars as it should be done.

Jedi Knight - Although a very good game, didn't quite match the feel of DF.

Quake - For me the original is far better than 2 and 3.

Half-Life - when you think it just couldn't get better.

Deus Ex - and then there's a game that combines so many strong elements without breaking it.

Abe's Oddysee - I love the quirkiness of this.

Metal Gear Solid - a thoughtful action game. Superb cast of characters.

Vagrant Story - a very good variation on the RPG theme with a top-notch battle system and really moody feel. But very difficult at times.

Crash Bandicoot - These games are just plain good fun!

Gran Tourismo 2 - One of the only 2 driving games I play on a regular basis. The other being SegaGT.

NeverWinter Nights - Quality RPG and excelent level editor. There is still a weakness in story and dialogue which is a complaint I have with most RPGs.

Blinx The Time Sweeper - This is really good fun and the difficulty varies quite a bit, but it has that rare quality of keeping me playing. Worth buying an X-Box for. :)





As an experiment, from now on my news will be posted on a Blog-style page, here.

Please let me know your thoughts by posting on my forum.


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